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Use the following diagrams to easily identify the part/s you need.  You can browse them and then reference a specific diagram number & part number in your parts inquiry; or copy and paste the diagram's URL link to your parts inquiry.

Look alphabetically by part category name:

Accelerator pedal Gears for manual transmission
Activated carbon container Halogen fog light ( not USA)
Air filter (FI) Handbrake lever
Air filter 1.7-1.8 Headlight
Air filter and inlet manifold 1.6 Headlight washer system
Alternator and parts Headlight, reverse light, spot relay
Alternator and parts (not USA) Heat exchanger 1.6
Ambulance interior parts (not USA) Heat exchanger 1.7- 2.0
Ambulance light (not USA), licence plate light (only USA) Heater control cables
Automatic step and mud flap Horn and horn push
Blackout covers Hot air fan
Body Shell
Brake and clutch pedal cluster Ignition coil and leads
Brake disc and caliper Ignition switch
Brake hub, cable and shoe Inlet manifold 1.6
Brake light switch Inlet manifold 1.7-1.8
Brake lining, brake cylinder (not USA) Inlet (vacuum) system (FI)
Brake master cylinder Interior equipment for ambulance
Brake pipe Interior light and switch
Brake servo Interior trim
Brake shoe and carrier Jack and tool bag
Brake slave cylinder Latch, side panel cover
Brake, turn, tail light, brake switch Limited slip diff (not USA)
Bumper, front Motor complete
Bumper, rear Mounting for alternator (not USA)
Camshaft and valve train * Oil cooler
Canopy for pickup Oil pump and filler 1.6 *
Carburettor Oil pump and filler 1.7-2.0
Carburettor Pistons and rings
Carpet Rear door, engine panel
Chassis parts Rear fog light (not USA)
Clutch Rear seats in double cab
Clutch - automatic Rear torsion bar and damper
Clutch cable Rear view mirror and sun visor
Column switches Repair plates (not USA) - 1
Cooling flap, thermostat and linkage Repair plates (not USA) - 2
Corner panel, sound absorber etc Repair plates (not USA) - 3
Crankcase and mounting parts for engine and trans 1.6 * Repair plates (not USA) - 4
Crankcase and mounting parts for engine and trans 1.7-2.0 Roof, ventilator
Crankshaft, con rods and flywheel Seat backs and passenger compartment
Cylinder and cylinder head * Seat belts
Dashboard Seat belts in passenger compartment
Deceleration boost (FI) Seats
Differential Seats in cab
Differential - automatic Securing brace
Differential and limited slip Side panel, A and B posts etc
Distributor Sliding and fixed partition windows (not USA)
Door, lock, lock operating lever Sliding and fixed side windows
Door handle, lock for sliding door Sliding door, hinge etc
Door window seals Starter motor
Doors Stationary heater
Drive shaft and swing axle Steel sliding roof parts
Dropsides, locker lid Steel sun roof
Dynamo and alternator Steering gear
Eberspaecher heater 1 Steering tie rod
Eberspaecher heater 2 Steering wheel
Emission control (T4) Stretcher etc for ambulance (not USA)
Engine cover plates front and rear Tinware
Exhaust 1.6 Torsion arm
Exhaust 1.7-2.0 Torsion bar, stabilizer, shock absorber
Exhaust recirculation Transmission
Fan, switch, relay, Eberspaecher heater Transmission case - 3 speed automatic
Fan housing Transmission case - 3 speed automatic
Floor plates, wheel housing etc Transmission housing - automatic
Forward gear clutch - 3 speed auto Transmission mounts
Frame Transmission shift mechanism
Fresh air controls Transmission shift mechanism - automatic
Front panel, dash etc Turn signals - on roof
Front torsion bar Valve body and oil strainer - automatic
Fuel filter, coil, switch, relay, Eberspaecher heater Wheel
Fuel pump (FI) Window glass and seals
Fuel pump and fuel line Window mouldings
Fuel tank Windshield wiper motor
Fuel tank and filler Windshield wiper and windscreen washer unit
Fuse box, fuel sender, warning lights etc Wiring loom
Gauges and demister fan
Thanks to Richard Atwell for making these fiches easily available to us! If you have yet to visit his site, it is a wealth of useful knowledge for your BayWindow Bus!

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