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Email: Parts@BustedBus.com


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To place an order you must complete these two steps:

Step 1: Browse our catalog to find the exact part you need. Copy the link from your browser's address bar. Or if you are on a mobile phone and cannot copy-n-paste; you can simply note the ID of the parts diagram located at the top of the diagram.

Step 2: Paste the link from step 1 (or enter the parts diagram ID) into the Inquiry field, below, and tell us the item number in the diagram for the part or parts you are wanting. 

For example: If you need a clutch cable spring, this is how you should indicate in the Inquiry field which one (of 3 potential springs) you want:

I need the clutch spring that is item #35 in this diagram: http://bustedbus.com/images/microfiche/t206100.gif
or Diagram ID 061-00

Please understand we get a very large volume of vague requests. As we seek clarification, we would ask you to do the above steps, anyway. So the process will go faster if you simply do the above with your initial request.

Please enter a complete phone number including area code where we can text you.

In the Inquiry field below, you must include the link to catalog diagram showing the exact part you need, and for the diagram tell us the item number in the diagram.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are usually very quick to respond to your inquiries - typically hours, and certainly within a day or two. If you don't receive a response by email within a day or two, check your email SPAM folder.

To help ensure that our email responses to you do not end up in your SPAM folder you can add 'parts@bustedbus.com' to your email address book .